Suppliers of the best quality maize meal, Maize Mills in South Africa are feeding the continent!


Our product catalogue consists of some of the best maize products on the market. Instant porridge, instant beer and, of course, bulk yellow maize and bulk white maize, are some of our most popular products for sale.


The milling process, which takes place in maize mills in South Africa, is one of the most important processes involved in the production of maize products. When you are new to the industry, or should you be looking for new information about the maize you are buying, you need to know that there are three main types of processed maize sold. The classification of the maize is determined by the way that the maize has been milled.


Maize mills in South Africa supply super milled maize, special shifted maize and sifted maize.


Super maize is defined as maize which has been de-germinated before being milled. This is considered to be the absolutely first rate maize on today’s current market. This maize has the lowest fat content and it also has the lowest fibre content. This maize is as pure as you will find it and for that reason, it has the longest shelf life once it has been milled and packed.


Special shifted maize is the second kind of maize you will find on the market. This meal is not de-germinated and so it is a little coarser than the super maize option but has finer maize mixed in with the coarser maize.  This maize has a high-fat content and its shelf life is rather short.


Finally, the last type of milled maize is known as sifted maize meal. This maize meal is coarse as it has more bran as well as more germ in the mixture. Because of this, sifted maize meal is far healthier than the other types although it has the shortest life span of them all.


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The first step towards refining maize meal is to clean the corn grains and then condition the product with water. The soaking of the maize allows the bran to be easily removed from the endosperm. This is the most important step in the entire process. During this process, any poisonous seeds and other harmful material.


Milling begins once this process has taken place. Maize Mills in South Africa handle all phases in the production of maize meal, producing the high quality products you have come to expect.


There are different ways that maize can be milled but the most common process is hammering. To get the best quality maize meal, the product should be de-germinated with rollers instead of hammered but should there be a tighter budget, the whole maize can be milled with a plate mill and then sifted.


The maize mills which we work with specialise in the production of yellow maize and white maize. We trust the products from this mill to be nothing less than the best with the mill getting the most out of the raw materials.


We know what it is that our customers need, and so we like to make sure that our clients are always getting the products that they are looking for. Because we buy directly from the supplier, we are able to keep our costs low while keeping the quality high. This means that you benefit all the way!


Trust the products supplied by none other than the best maize mills in South Africa. We can supply you with high-quality maize in bulk at the lowest prices.