We are “Amaizing” Maize Suppliers in South Africa.

Buying from Us means you will enjoy the Lowest Prices for your Maize.

As maize suppliers in South Africa, we are always on the lookout for the lowest prices of our bulk maize products. Founded in 2016, our team sources the lowest prices for maize and then we sell it to buyers based throughout South Africa. The maize is sold in amounts of 34 tons, which is basically a truckload, and the maize is suitable for the creation of a variety of maize products.

As maize suppliers in South Africa, we source delicious maize at affordable prices from the country’s best maize producers.
When buying bulk maize from us, you will find that you enjoy great value for money while also saving with our low prices.
Discover a new way to buy South Africa’s delicious maize and grow your business.

Contact us today for a quotation. Our team is ready to supply your next bulk maize order.


Our Vision

is to help businesses buy high quality maize at the lowest prices, helping them to grow their business while they nourish their communities.


Our Mission

is to keep the prices of bulk maize for sale as low as possible while always providing high quality products.