The nation’s favourite maize meal brand: Mamma Themba!

mamma themba-maize-mealSince 2012, Mamma Themba has been feeding the nation with an array of delicious maize products. Maize meal is packed with all the good stuff, making it one of the most nutritious foods on the market. As a company, Mamma Themba has grown drastically over the past 5 years, and today Mamma Themba is not just feeding South Africans but is being exported throughout Africa, bringing healthy food to the continent.

“Our current production is 12 000 ton per month “

Maize is one of those wonderfully versatile products. It can be eaten at any time of the day, served as a savoury dish or a sweetened meal. Mamma Themba products suit all tastes, with the products guaranteed to make each meal is filled with goodness.

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How much do you know about the value of maize?

Maize is filled with just about every nutrient the body could possibly need to keep it going. Along with proteins, it also has plenty of healthy fat as well as other nutrients the body cannot do without. What’s truly remarkable about maize is that while it is filled with all the right stuff, it is also exceptionally affordable. This is what makes it a staple food!

mamma themba maize meal


Some of the nutrients you can expect from Mamma Themba maize products include:

  • Niacin: Which helps to metabolise carbohydrates to produce energy for day to day living.
  • Iron: Great for fighting against fatigue, it helps to lower blood pressure, it can reduce the intensity and occurrences of headaches and it can also reduce the chances of developing insomnia.
  • Potassium: To keep the kidney’s, the heart and the muscles healthy.
  • Thiamine: To give your body more energy.

The Mamma Themba Products

Covering just about every use of maize you can imagine, Mamma Themba has an interesting catalogue of products. The products are about as versatile as the maize itself. Products are sold in bulk to distributors and they are bought as individual pre-packed bags by consumers.

Currently, Mamma Themba products are sold to small distributors such as spaza shop owners, cash and carries and local retailers. With local maize depots in Nelspruit, Hazyview and Kabokweni, pre-packed bags of samp, maize flour, yellow maize, white maize, and Mama Themba instant porridge can be ordered and delivered (depending on the business location and the size of the order).

Maize is one of South Africa’s best-known staple foods. If you are a distributor looking to sell Mamma Themba, get in touch with us!


Browse through our website to learn more about the Mamma Themba products:


·         Super White and Yellow Maize

Mamma Themba is best known for their maize meal, which includes white and yellow maize. Both can be enjoyed as an addition to the evening meal or as a breakfast porridge. Maize meal is very filling and each serving offers iron, protein, carbohydrates, sodium, vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and folic acid, as well as other minerals and nutrients.

·         Samp

Samp is produced when dry corn kernels are stamped and chopped. Traditional samp is a popular meal in South Africa. Mama Themba Samp is available in bulk bags of 10kg and 12.5kg, and can have a shelf life of up to 6 months. Filled with nutrients and very easy to prepare, samp is one of the nation’s most favourite foods.

·         Maize Flour

Mamma Themba maize flour is produced the old way, with the whole kernel being milled and ground to different textures. Also filled with all the right nutrients, maize flour is traditionally used as a thickener for stews and sauces.

Mamma Themba is making maize products affordable for everyone. Get in touch with Maize Suppliers today to stock your shop.

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