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White maize is one of South Africa’s biggest staple foods and is consumed by almost every household in the country. While white maize is the most consumed, yellow maize suppliers are still responsible for producing the most maize product each year. This is because yellow maize is great for both people and animals. However few people are aware of the benefits of yellow maize as this maize is not as popular in homes as its white counterpart. Yellow maize is known to be more nutritious although it has been given a bad reputation as being food for aid purposes. But yellow maize is becoming a popular food source for many homes as more people discover the benefits and enjoy the wholesale prices.

Yellow maize is the more nutritious option and it is filled with Vitamin A. This vitamin is somewhat lacking in the foods consumed throughout Africa, but is incredibly important in fighting off blindness and various diseases. This is not to say that white maize lacks nutritional value, the proof of its value lies in the healthy people who eat this meal as a staple part of their day to day diet, but yellow maize should not be thought of as inferior in any way.

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“Did You Know that Maize can come in a Variety of Different Colours?
Black, Grey, Purple, Red, and Green, along with White and Yellow, are the Colours that can Decorate the Cob.”

Then there are the benefits for your livestock. Maize is not just for feeding people, it is also a necessary food for livestock. One of the biggest factors encouraging maize exporters to produce and distribute so much maize each year is that maize is a great food source for stock animals. Every part of the plant can be used for some purpose or other. The cob itself is usually harvested for human consumption but the stalks can be fed to animals while surplus grain can be used to feed poultry.

Like we mentioned before, the uses of maize are endless, and the many uses are keeping maize starch manufacturers busy ensuring there is enough to go around. Yellow maize is found for sale all over South Africa, but you need to make sure that you select a supplier who can always assist with providing you with the same products and the same affordable prices.

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Maize has Always Been Valuable and Remains One of the Most Important Food Sources in Africa.

Throughout history, maize has always held a popular and pricey place. When North America was colonised, corn was used as currency, often bartered for other goods. Today, maize is still exceptionally valuable but can be bought in bulk at a far lesser price than it was once valued.

Maize producers in South Africa supply their yellow and white maize to various companies. We buy maize in bulk and we sell maize in bulk, furthering the effort in keeping the prices down and helping out business owners of all kinds to give their customers high-quality maize meal at affordable prices.  By offering maize for sale throughout South Africa, we continue to ensure that food security is a reality in our country.

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