Instant Porridge Bulk Suppliers: Providing a Nutrient Packed Meal

A delicious and wholesome way to start any day, instant porridge is a welcome staple food in many a South African home. In fact for many South Africans, waking up in the morning to a steaming bowl of instant porridge, the best way to start any day. You will find instant porridge for sale in South Africa in most shops and is the most commonly used ingredient for instant porridge. Because of the nutritional value of maize, it is one of the healthier meals you can indulge in.

Maize porridge eaten in South Africa is known by another name which is mielie pap (Starch), a dish that can be enjoyed at any time of the day and which can be prepared in a number of different ways, according to preferences. You could say that South African maize suppliers are responsible for feeding the nation. Supplied at the lowest prices, this particular starch food product is available in shops throughout the country. Maize exporters provide the raw product to be processed into instant porridge, making them key role players in the creation of South Africa’s most popular food.

Maize Meal Suppliers in South Africa Provide Quality Maize from Lush African Soil…

How is Instant Porridge Made?


Tasty maize instant porridge is made available in a variety of different flavours and can be instantly cooked into a filling meal.


The process is simple and begins when the corn is harvested from the crops. Once it has been cleaned and separated from the cob, it is ground down and processed into an instant porridge.


Maize producers can either do this at the mill or they can sell the prepared corn to a producer who will then do the grinding and the adding of the flavours. The process is fairly simple, and because it is not an expensive process, instant porridge is a meal for the whole family.

Maize Producers in South Africa Sell in Bulk

If you are selling maize products and you are looking for convenience as well as lower prices, ordering your maize in bulk is the option to look at. Maize producers in South Africa sell their nutritious products in bulk, which lowers the price and ensures that you always have maize ready to sell.

In South Africa, maize meal is one of the most important foods eaten. Not only does it provide you with the necessary nutrition to get you through the day, but it also tastes delicious. Instant maize meal saves time. This food is quick and easy to prepare; instant porridge is ideal for the busy family. Maize producers are able to provide this meal by manufacturing affordable instant porridge using harvested bulk maize bought from maize suppliers in South Africa. And they are helping many to live a healthier lifestyle.

“Did You Know that Corn Does Not Exist in the Wild? It is a Domesticated Grass.”

What are the Health Benefits of Tucking into Some Corn?

Sure it’s filling, and it is undeniably tasty, but what are the health benefits of tucking into a meal of instant porridge?

You can buy high quality maize for instant pap and porridge in bulk from Maize Suppliers.
We source the very best maize meal from farms throughout the country and supply it directly to you.

Maize is filled with antioxidants which protect the body from cancer as well as from heart disease.
Unlike popular beliefs, corn is not fattening. With healthy sugars and as many calories as an apple, your instant pap is healthy.

With instant pap, you will get your daily dose of dietary fibre as well as phytochemicals which aid eyesight.


Most corn is, contrary to popular thought, not always genetically modified so if you buy non-GMO you don’t have to worry about any additions.