South African Instant Beer to Quench Your Thirst…

South African maize suppliers, whether they are selling white maize meal or yellow corn,
provide the kind of quality corn needed to produce the most delectable beer.

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You can get creative when you buy maize meal, and one of the ways that you can use maize in an unconventional way is to make instant beer. There are different ways that you can make this homemade beverage, and most of the methods allow you to use your own flavours. Corn beer is made in homes all over the world and has even been used to generate business in the past as well.

In South Africa, maize beer is known as Umqombothi and it is made using maize, sorghum malt, yeast, water and maize. The corn is fermented, similar to the fermentation of grapes for wine, and turns into a frothy beer beverage, but at a fraction of the cost. Homemade instant beer is a treat, and you can take great pride in being able to brew your favourite drink on your own. You can also enjoy playing with the various flavours and become your own inventive brew master, finding your unique style.


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When it comes to beer, corn isn’t only used to manufacture the instant brew. Maize has been used in the past to give all kinds of beer a light colour and a lighter flavour. Corn syrup is a common ingredient in beers as well as sugary carbonated drinks. Maize gives the beer a distinct flavour, something that sets it apart from other beers. It is so simple simply open the powdered instant beer and add water.

“Maize has played a big role in the manufacturing of beer throughout history.
Some of the earliest cultures have used maize to produce this now world famous beverage.
And maize suppliers in South Africa sell the right maize for this brew”

It is Your Turn to Create that Signature Brew

We supply maize for all purposes. And when you can buy maize starch in bulk at the lowest prices, your new craft hobby doesn’t have to be focused just on creating a drink for you and your friends. Buying your harvested maize from us means paying a lower price allowing you to affordably take your brewing skills to the next level.

Maize suppliers based in South Africa have been important role players in the local corn beer brewing industry and you can also become a part of this growing industry. The right equipment is as important as having the right ingredients. While some brewers choose to have a selection of the very best equipment, this is not necessarily a must. You can make your own brew using a few simple tools. The key to the success of your beer lies with the quality of the ingredients that you use as well as the mixing and fermenting process.

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Powdered Beer + Water = Instant Beer

The Popular Methods that are used to make Instant Beer
using Maize Supplied by South African Farmers


Using High Fructose Syrup

(known as corn sugar)

This is the most common use of corn to make beer and is used to increase the alcohol content of the beer without changing the colour, taste or volume of the drink.

Using Broken Bits of Corn

(known as corn grits)

With this method, you need to cook the bits of corn and add it to the mash of ingredients, which you’ll have before any liquids are added.

Using Semi Crushed Maize

(known as flaked maize)

Once all of your other ingredients are put together in a mashed form, you can add the flaked bits of maize without needing to cook it.

Instant beer is a fantastic way to treat yourself and to treat your guests. Maize meal suppliers in South Africa provide the best quality maize for your instant beer creations.  In South Africa, maize farming is a big industry. Yellow maize suppliers in South Africa, along with those supplying white maize, like our company, ensure that the corn you get is low priced and great quality.

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