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Maize Suppliers is the #1 supplier of bulk yellow and white maize, grain, maize meal, maize flour, instant porridge, soya beans, instant beer and grit in Africa.

We also specialise in Top Quality Animal feeds e.g. Bulk Soya Cake, Sunflower Cake and B-Grade Maize Grits.

Each year, around 14 million tons of maize is produced in South Africa. Of this maize, 7.7 million tons is white maize and 6.2 million tons is yellow maize. We are proud to deliver 1000’s of tons of B-Grade Animal Chop for animal feed purposes throughout South Africa and Africa.

White maize is the most consumed maize product and as such it is part of the staple diet for around 200 million people in Africa. While white maize is used for human consumption, yellow maize is used mostly as animal feed. Yellow maize is also often used in the production of cereal and popular snacks.

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When a crop is taken into storage, the maximum amount of moisture content that the crop can have is 14%. However, most crops are stored when the moisture content is 12.5%. The quality of maize in South Africa is vastly improved due to the country’s natural dry climate. Higher quality maize grit is produced when the maize has a harder endosperm, which results in the maize being richer in colour.

Maize is split into two groups; A Grade and B Grade. A Grade is for human consumption while B Grade maize is mostly used for animal feed but can be used in the manufacturing of other food products. Both groups of maize are used throughout South Africa and the rest of Africa. B Grade maize consist of what is known as maize chop or maize grit and we supply these products to numerous companies and industries throughout the African continent.

Supplying high-quality maize for animal consumption has made us the #1 supplier of bulk animal feed in Africa.

Maize is used in the processing of numerous products and is widely appreciated for its purity and fine quality. Maize is packed in a safe packaging which can be stored for a longer period of time.

Maize is the most widely grown crop in South Africa. Like many other regions, it is consumed as a vegetable although it can be processed into a number of different forms. The grains are rich in the vitamins A, C and E, as well as carbohydrates and essential minerals. Maize also contains 9% protein.

Each cob of corn is rich in dietary fibre and healthy calories which are good sources of energy. Every part of the crop is used for food and non-food products. In industrialised countries, maize is largely used as livestock feed and as a raw material for industrial products.

We export maize throughout Africa and our maize is free from all bacterial and fungal diseases.

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